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March 22, 2013
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one and only by whitepup one and only by whitepup
Commission for :iconoil:
Sorry for the wait on this but I hope you like it all the same! It was fun to stream the sketch/lines with you even though my external cam didn't work haha.

The commission was supposed to be of the same type as an image from my old account: [link]

I hope you guys like it! :heart:

Materials: copic markers, micron liners, white gell pen, white fabric marker, acrylic paint
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I seriously LOVE your traditional stuff. A lot. and this one is soo cute! I love the little back paw and the trees look so goood @___@
aaa thanks omg
Zenramaru Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I really love your art work :3
Oh gosh, this must be one of the best pictures from you so far! And one of the best pictures ever. Gaah, I love everything on this. Your lines are so smooth and perfect every time, I don't know how you do that. ;v; It must have taken a long time to do those lines, or if it doesn't then you must be.. even more amazing than you already are haha. I love both characters' smiles, they look so happy and carefree. You can easily see that they smile with their eyes. And those 'regular' smiles make this picture even more cuter, I can't even.. I don't understand how you can shade like that! I myself haven't never understand the shading and for you it looks so easy. :'D I'm kind of jealous.. Oh god, I'm babbling too much sorry. My comments are so messy.. But anyway, I totally love this picture like you can probably see. You've really done great job on the background, because I can almost feel how it's snowing and winding. And oh, I noticed those paw prints on the snow just now.. Cute detail, I'll say! And I like how you drew the trees!
Aaaa thank you so much (again) for this comment like wow you're too kind and nice cries a bit

your comments are perfect! thank you o3o
No, you're the one who's kind here! You're one of the few popular artists that actually reply to comments, and I appreciate that very, very much. That's why I love to comment on your pictures. o3o

Aww, I don't they are perfect but I'm happy if you think so. c:
aa well I'm glad! I try to respond as quick as I can, even when I am busy ff
Micarra Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very cute! I love it ^_^
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